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Owen Mackwood

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🏠 MAR 5.015
📞 +49 30 314 29873

Owen Mackwood obtained a bachelor degree in computer engineering from the University of Victoria, Canada and a master’s degree in Computational Neuroscience from the Technical University of Berlin. He received his doctoral degree from the Humboldt University of Berlin, where the title of his dissertation was “Homeostatic and functional implications of interneuron plasticity”. His research focus remains on plasticity of inhibition, and its consequences for circuit dynamics and function.

Owen's Research

Impact of inhibitory interneuron plasticity on cortical function and homeostasis

Inspired by prior theoretical work on GABAergic synaptic plasticity, this project investigates how long-term changes to inhibition can be homeostatic for principal cells. Employing a normative approach, various types of plasticity affecting inhibition, both synaptic and intrinsic are mathematically derived. We then characterise the functional consequences of the derived forms of plasticity in computational models of mammalian sensory cortex.